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Promotional Items – or Promotional Products – usually refers to the marketing technique of using everyday products to advertise a different product or service. The product or service advertised may be completely unrelated to the promotional item in use. For example, an computer company may advertise on pens. However, many companies try to use promotional items that have some connection with their business. For instance, a building materials company may put their logo on measuring tapes in order to advertise their products among builders and architects.

Promotional Items are most often used a promotional gifts. Providing existing or potential clients with a small gift can often generate goodwill for your business, while at the same time providing an advertising opportunity for your company name and logo.

Promotional Items that have a high visibility are umbrellas – particularly the large golf umbrellas, which usually feature corporate logos on four out of eight umbrella panels. The most popular promotional item is the promotional pen – perhaps because pens are very useful and because they are not a high cost promotional item. The first product to be used as a promotional item was the bookmatch. Promotional bookmatches are not as popular these days because of concerns over smoking habits and fire safety.

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